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A Camping Trip with the Little Adventurers

A Camping Trip with the Little Adventurers

Being passionate about cars since I was young, I've now become a car salesperson. It's fortunate for me because I can easily introduce the performance, data, advantages, and disadvantages of each car to customers, and I take pride in it. Moreover, I get to encounter some rare car models frequently, which undoubtedly brings me great joy.
Of course, along with joy comes pressure, and I believe this is something everyone faces. So, when I'm not busy with work, I seek tranquility and relaxation shared with my family in the great outdoors, and RV camping has become my top choice.

Planning and Comprehensive Checks with the Whole Family

Considering it's a family trip, the route should be as easy and flat as possible. Therefore, we chose an open space in the forest. I discovered it during a hiking trip and noted down the coordinates. My two sons were thrilled and excited when they found out, and their love for nature is no less than mine. 

Since we'll be camping in the forest, we need to be prepared for the drop in temperature due to reduced sunlight and higher altitude. So, my wife prepared fleece lined flannel jacket and comfortable slip-resistant shoes for everyone.

Father-Son Collaboration for Vehicle Inspection

As a professional car salesperson, I make thorough preparations before departure. To ensure the vehicle's reliability during the journey, I took my two sons in conducting a comprehensive inspection of the RV. In the process, I also teach them some knowledge about cars. Perhaps boys naturally have an interest and talent for mechanics because they learn quickly and enjoy it. 

In a pleasant atmosphere, we inspected the tires, lights, mechanical parts, and electrical components together. We also prepared an ample supply of food, water, basic medications, mosquito repellent, and fully charged the RV's battery. When camping in the wilderness with an RV, you can encounter unexpected situations anytime, so a comprehensive and careful inspection is essential to ensure a smooth return home.

Enjoying the Pleasures from Nature

We sang songs all the way, slowly cruising on the slightly bumpy road, and smoothly arrived at the camping spot. My kids, just like two little birds yearning for the blue sky, couldn't wait to fling open the car doors and dash out. The temperature in the forest was a bit cool, but fortunately, we had prepared sherpa lined flannel from FlannelGo, which were incredibly soft, cozy, and warm, allowing us to easily tackle the lower temperatures in the forest. The kids frolicked and played among the trees while my wife and I prepared a hearty lunch for the camping trip. I have to say, my steak grilling skills are truly remarkable! 

After lunch, we sat quietly on the grass, listening to the breeze passing by, the gentle songs of birds, and occasionally hearing the sound of leaves falling. After resting, The boys bring their "adventurer kits", which was a children's adventure toolset I gave the boys as a Christmas gift last year. With compasses, walkie-talkies, and some tools in hand, they started a game called "Who Finds the Best Treasure." They continuously brought back various "treasures," such as a deep red stone, a green feather, a dried pinecone, and more. Their flannelgo flannel hoodies are also covered in fallen leaves and twigs. As judges, my wife and I declared them both winners. They each received a "trophy" made by their mother from tree branches.

At Last

In this remote corner, we're far away from the hustle and pressure of the city, immersing ourselves in the embrace of nature. We breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the peaceful environment. This tranquil forest teaches us to cherish every moment spent with loved ones and be grateful for the companionship and care we share. It strengthens the bond between family members, bringing us closer to nature, alleviating stress, and returning to a simpler, more authentic way of life. In the urbanized world, we need such experiences to find balance and meaning in our lives. 

In short, forest camping is an excellent way to enhance physical fitness and mental well-being. With proper preparation, choosing the right campsite, engaging in outdoor activities, and savoring delicious food, we can have an unforgettable weekend. Whether it's with family, friends, or by ourselves, the experience of exploring nature and enjoying quality time is worth cherishing and treasuring as memories. 

Of course, let's not forget to bring back our trash and protect nature while enjoying it.

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