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A Memorable Strawberry-Picking Adventure: Strengthening Family Bonds

A Memorable Strawberry-Picking Adventure: Strengthening Family Bonds

As young parents, we have always believed that parent-child activities are crucial for building strong relationships and creating lasting memories. These activities allow us and our children to connect while having fun and exploring new experiences.
For busy modern families, being able to take time and travel with our loved ones is a rare and joyful occasion.
But before that, we have something to be prepared.

Make A Tour Plan

For the past few weeks, we have been planning a family outing. After reading numerous guides, we finally decided to take our daughter to the Southern Belle Farm in McDonough, GA, for strawberry picking. My husband and I agreed that this would be an excellent opportunity for our little girl to experience nature.
When we arrived at the farm, we saw rows of ripe and juicy strawberry plants waiting to be picked. Our daughter was ecstatic and quickly ran towards the fields, and we had to hold her hand tightly to prevent her from falling due to excessive excitement. We picked strawberries together, and every time my daughter found a plump, red strawberry, she would proudly hold it up and show off her "treasure" to us. Seeing the joy on that adorable little angel's face made everything worthwhile.

Always Fully Prepared

The weather that day was delightful, but still a bit cold in April. Fortunately, my husband and I brought flannel jackets with sherpa-lined in it, very soft and keep us warm thanks to my fully prepared.
And here's what I want to say: before traveling, make sure to check the local weather and temperature and make a checklist to ensure you have everything you need. My checklist included a pair of outdoor shoes, a zip-up jacket, a fully charged camera, disposable raincoats, a thermos for children, adult and children's medications, children's hats and gloves, sunscreen, and I highly recommend getting travel insurance.
Again, I'm glad I was well prepared, knowing that we were going to a farm and would inevitably have to deal with the dirt and the temperature. A pair of slip-resistant and comfortable shoes made it easy for me to walk, and a convenient and comfortable flannel hoodie jackets was perfect for this kind of outdoor activity. As for my little girl, the most important thing after a lot of physical activity is staying hydrated, so a large-capacity thermos for children was much needed.

Enjoy The Joy of Picking Strawberries

It was an amazing trip, before that my daughter had only seen strawberries on her dinner plate, and before that she even thought they grew on trees. But it's true that for kids growing up in the city, they don't have much access to farms and nature, which can lead to such misconceptions and misperceptions. During this parent-child activity, we put down our phones and tablets for the whole day and played with nature, enjoying its gifts and breathing in the fresh air.
We had a contest called "whose strawberries are bigger" and "whose strawberries are redder", which made my daughter even more excited and happy, and I think her dreams are all about sweet strawberries tonight. My husband and I always like to wear the same color couple's clothes, and this green plaid jacket is especially in line with the nature's atmosphere, but one regret is, I didn't find the size that fits my daughter on FlannelGo, otherwise we would be triplets when we went out!


Nature is an amazing "teacher", nurturing our observation, curiosity and scientific thinking, as well as stimulating our children's creativity and imagination. My girls really enjoyed this activity and were happy as a deer running back to the forest.
I asked the farm manager for some strawberry seeds and plan to plant them in the backyard when we get back, and to observe and record their changes with my daughter regularly. I am so grateful for the time we spent together and really enjoyed each other's company, which brought us closer together.
If you too want to take a family trip, then farms and the outdoors are a very good choice indeed. Of course, making a thorough guide and checklist is a very necessary thing to do in the gradually warming weather.

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